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*Preventing IG Failures
**Once an order is placed, a separate email will be sent within two to three business days that includes a downloadable link to access the 10 videos included in this educational program, as well as three free videos, plus the PDF presentation handouts. Your online purchase provides the purchaser with six-month unlimited access to the streaming videos.**

Developed by industry experts in their field, the individual sessions are topic specific and offers participants a best practice approach for the manufacture of quality insulating glass units.

Complimentary Sessions
*Program Introduction, Evaluation and Overview (Video length: 28:29)

*Product Certification to the ASTM E2190 Standard - Strategies for achieving certification; certification process and development (Video length: 26:42)

*Handling Glass Safely - Using personal protection equipment and how injuries in the workplace can be avoided (Video length: 21:00)

Fabrication Sessions

1. Glass Receiving, Cutting and Washing: Receiving, washing and cutting glass to maintain the integrity of the glass for IG fabrication (Video length: 51:00)

2. Spacers and Muntins: Various spacer and muntin technologies used in IG fabrication (Video length: 37:18)

3. Desiccants: Desiccant technologies used in IG fabrication and optimization of use in IG units (Video length: 27:52)

4. Sealants: Various sealant techologies and seals in IG unit production (Video length: 33:23)

5. Gas Filling: Aspects of gas filling, leakage and loss in IG units, efficiencies and bests practices (Video length: 1:01:39)

6. Why Glass Breaks: Glass breakage and insights into ways to determine the root cause of glass breakage (Video length:57.03)

7. Glass Performance for Energy Efficient Fenestration: Factors affecting glass performance and efficiencies when dealing with thermal and energy issues (Video length: 34:10)

Beyond Fabrication Sessions

8. IG Design: Deep look at design IG units to achieve a variety of goals, including energy efficiency, longevity, aesthetic appeal and much more (Video length: 57:45)

9. Glazing Guidelines and Practices: Comprehensive look at the various guidelines and best practices in fabricating IG units (Video length: 42:17)

10. Forensic Investigation of IGU Failures: Ways to determine the causes of various types of failures that IG units face on an ongoing basis (Video length: 53:23)

Email education@FGIAonline.org with any questions.

(Preventing IG Failures)
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