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IG Fabricators Workshop Video Series
**Once an order is placed, a separate email will be sent within two to three business days that includes a downloadable link to access this educational program. Your online purchase provides six-month unlimited access to the videos.**

This online video series offers a condensed version of the popular FGIA IG Workshop in ten 20 to 30-minute segments. Since its launch in 2016, the IG Fabricators Workshop has hosted more than 300 practitioners of the insulating glass industry, leading them through the most important aspects of fabricating and testing IG units. The in-person workshop, led by industry experts, features classroom education along with extensive experience to discover best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling glass, desiccants, sealants, gas fill, frost point and more. That knowledge is available to industry professionals in an online format, allowing individuals or entire teams to learn the basics of IG fabrication from their homes or offices.

Below are the ten segments covered in this video series:
1. Glass Safety Responsibilities
2. IG Design
3. Glass Cutting and Washing
4. Cavity Gas Fill
5. IG Desiccant Fundamentals
6. Volatile Fog
7. Spacer Fabrication Considerations
8. Frost Point Testing
9. Sealants
10. Forensic Analysis of IG Units

Email education@FGIAonline.org with any questions.

IG Fabricators Workshop
Member Rates: Download - $150.00
Non-Member Rates: Download - $300.00
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